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What is happening to the Rain forest ?

The Brazilian rain forest is being destroyed ever single day of the year and in different ways for different causes.

Since electricity is a main part of our life's and almost ever country in the world has it, we need to have more of it and one way to do this is by using water to make it, in a hydro-electric plant. To do this you need to have a river, well there are lots of rivers in the Amazon, then you need to dam it, but when you dam a river it will over flow and in this case will destroy plants and animals and the still water will be a breeding ground for insects which carry malaria and other diseases.

Under the Amazon forests there are large deposits of minerals, such as gold, iron, copper, nickel, bauxite and others. By mining into the ground you destroy the roots of trees and by taking out the minerals you also take out important nutrients that the plants need to survive.
After the minerals are taken out of the ground the minerals are melted in factories called smelters. The minerals need high temperatures to melt them, so the trees are cut down and used for fuel for the smelters. It takes one acre of wood to fuel the fires for only one hour.

The forest are also cut then burned so the land can be used for growing food and raising cattle but the nutrients in the ground only last in the soil for six years without the trees. When this happens the farmers move to another site and start all over.
Most of the people who do this come from the slums of cities and are trying to get money and food for there families. But they usually find that farming is not very profitable and they return to the slums and the only thing they have done is destroy the rain forest.
The land that they leave is mostly taken over by large companies that raise and sell cattle. The ranches need a lot of land because it takes eight acres of land to raise just one animal. The ranches then sell the cows as beef but now days American restaurants won't buy beef that were raised on tropical lands, in the 1960's and 1970's they used to but now the ranches sell there meat to Australia and Europe.

In the 1970's the Transomazonian highway was built so that Brazilian people without land could clear the forest and settle there. But, as said earlier, the nutrients were washed out of the soil and the people had to move back to the city. More and more roads were opened up around the 1980's, some were funded by the World Bank and it wasn't until the late 1980's when the world recognized the massive waste that was caused by the highways.

Of all these ways of destruction there are still more.
Loggers cut down hundreds of trees just to find the one tree that they will use.
The trees are used for building materials, furniture, pencils, chop sticks and musical instruments.

But as the rain forest is flooded, mined and turned into towns and cities the people who lived there, the indigenous people are also destroyed.