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The Rain Forest as a resource

The rain forest is a huge resource, but not all of the resources are for good as said in what is happening to our rain forest.
Some of the articles made from rain forest timber should be made from other resources: these include furniture, musical instruments, chopsticks, building materials and pencils.
Shamans are medicine men, they know more about rain forest plants than anyone else. They know all of the plants that can be used as medicines. They can cure aches and pains, kill germs and save someone from a snake bite. Scientists believe that 5% of all plants on Earth can be used for medical purposes.

- This plant is used for antiseptic -

The plants can cure diseases because they carry poisons which are not harmful to humans but will kill diseases. A drug called Quinine is made from the tropical Cinchona tree and is proven to be the best medicine for malaria.
Rain forest plants also provide food, such as pineapples, tapioca and cacao ( used for cocoa and chocolate ).

- Selling a plant called cats claw -

Rubber, used for car, bus and airplane tyres, are made from the latex, or sap that is found in rubber trees. The sap is drained from small cuts in that tree.

The rain forest has large deposits of copper, gold, nickel, bauxite and other minerals.
There was a gold rush near Carajas in the 1980's.