What Is Being Done To Save The Rain Forest ?

Many countries have seen the destruction of rain forests and several organisations have been founded to save them. These includeWWF and LUCH.
These Rain Forest conservation projects have been sponsoredby those organisations.

Belize : Management of Howler monkey sactuary.

Brazil : Project to improve rain forest conservation education.

Brazil : Reintroduction of Golden Lion Tamarin. Management of reserves for endangered bird species.

Cammeroon : Creation of Korup National Park.

Chile : Collection and propagation programmes for rare rain forest plants.

Columbia : Prevention of poaching in Caluinari National Park.

Ecuador : Management of coastal forest in Machalila national Park.

India : Management of the nine tiger reserves established since 1973.

Indonesia : Study of medical use of plants in the forests of Siberut.

Madagascar : Management of Beza-Mahalaly forest reseve. Training local students.

Malaysia : Protection of sumatran rhinoceros and oragutan.

Peru : Many national parks created in 1968 to pretect jaguar, ocelto, giant otter and Brazillian tapeir.

Rwanda : Prevention of gorilla poaching.

Dr. Da Janeen has created an idea to regrow a speciel type of rain forest called dry forest.
His idea is as follows :

Cattle from nearby farms are allowed to wander around the national park. At the same time farmers are encouraged to let animals from national parks onto their land ( for example tapir). In this wat seeds from the animals dung are being planted on both lans. Farmers would be allowed to chop down cirtain trees. The forest will be big. It will then be called Guanacaste, which is the name of a rare tree that used to grow all along the pacific coast of central America.

- This is a Tapir  -